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XBEditor (Java)

XBEditor is basic editor for visualization and editing of XBUP based documents. Basic editing is provided as tree view allowing browsing the structure and performing various operations.

You can try XBEditor as Java Web Start application if you have installed Java run-time environment.

Application's Look

Primary purpose of the application is to provide tree view of the document.

XBEditor Screenshot

Application Menu

Main menu has following items:

  • File - Basic work with active file like open/save
  • Edit - Editing operations and clipboard functions
  • View - View mode and property panel, toolbar and statusbar visibility setting
  • Tools - Catalog browser tool
  • Options - Various preferences and options
  • Help - Off-line and on-line help and about box

Basic Operations

Editor provides following basic functionality:

  • Work in tree mode, text mode or hexadecimal mode - text mode is experimental and changes won't reflect in document update
  • Connection to running XBService or update from web catalog
  • Adding new node - only few basic block types is currently supported
  • Editing existing node - You can edit list of numeric attributes or panel plugin is loaded if available, property editor is currently limited to read-only basic preview
  • Deleting node
  • Support for undo operations
  • Support for work with clipboard
  • Basic drag and drop support
  • Simple browser for catalog of block types
  • Some sample files
  • Configuration dialog with some basic settings
  • Support for loading icons and plugins for specific nodes and block types
  • Property panel showing block type name and description


  • Only tree operations are currently supported
  • Only numbers up to unsigned long supported
  • No support for conversions/transformations
  • No support for nodes reordering
  • No support for find/replace/goto in tree and hex mode
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