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====== XBUP Catalog Library (Java) ====== Catalog library provides support for ability to run catalog of types using database service. It provides object-relational mapping for catalog and methods for performing update from another framework/catalog service. Implementation has following properties: * Java Persistence for entity classes * Multi-layered classes * Service classes (also know as business classes) * Manager classes (also know as DAO classes) * Main catalog class with repository of management classes (alternatively Spring IoC can be used instead) [[en:doc:protocol:catalog|See more information about catalog.]] ===== ORM Mapping Classes ===== Default manager and service provides following methods for specific entity management operations: * createItem() - returns new instance of entity * removeItem(item) - removes item from catalog * getAllItems() - returns list of all entities stored in database * getItem(index) - returns entity with given index from database * getItemsCount() - returns count of all entities of the same type stored in database * persistItem(item) - updates database entity to have same values as in given item ===== Catalog Update Classes ===== There is currently only stub update using PHP catalog available. It requires PHP catalog web running on address: [[]] or [[]] Interface is using HTTP GET methods to pass parameters and result is typically text output with alternating rows with value names and values. For work release 24, requests are passed to interface/wr-24-0.php accepting parameters: * op - operation * path - the path to the element in a text string sequence of XBIndexes separated by "/" characters * id, spec, dtype, parent - numerical parameters of id element, or the value type Some of the operations are: * **getnode (path) : id, xbindex, xblimit** - For given path returns basic item database index * **getspec (path, spec, dtype) : id, xbindex, xblimit** - For given path returns specification of relevant xbindexu (spec) and type (dtype):\\ 0 - format\\ 1 - group\\ 2 - block\\ * **getbind (origin, xbindex) : id, target** - For given specification's id and xbindex returns relevant bind * **getnodepath (node) : path** - For given id (node) returns relevant path string * **getlang (code) : id, caption** - For given language identification (code) returns information about language * **getname (id, lang) : id, text** - For the item and returns the text and language of the extension called Name * **getdesc (id, lang) : id, text** - For the item and returns the text and language of the extension called Desc * **getcomm (id, lang) : id, text** - For the item and returns the text and language of the extension called Comm FIXME

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