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Java Implementation Documentation

Implementation in Java programming language was chosen as primary environment for prototype implementation. It is organized into modules and can be build using Gradle build tool.


There are basic libraries with functionality related to protocol itself and services, additional libraries with some degree of support for various data types and libraries related to editor tools used for demonstration purposes.

For the documentation of classes and methods please see JavaDoc.

Basic Libraries

Additional Libraries

  • xbup-plugin - Library for plugins support
  • xbup-operation - Library for undo/redo and complex operations handling
  • xbup-audio - Library for functionality related to audio data processing
  • xbup-visual - Library for functionality related to visual data processing


Implementation includes following tools for manipulation with XBUP-encoded documents:

Basic Tools

  • XBEditor - Basic editor allowing to view and edit document as a tree or text file or in hexadecimal mode
  • XBManager - Tool for accessing XBUP catalog or framework services
  • XBService - Tool for service runtime control
  • XBShell - Support for browsing content of document on the text command line
  • XBCatalogWeb - Web service for accessing XBUP catalog or framework service

Sample Editors

There are also demo applications available that allow work with some simple testing formats.

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