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Format's Overview

This document is part of the eXtensible Binary Universal Protocol project's documentation. It provides description of the concept of XBUP-based data formats, categorization and overview of various related aspects.


As part of the protocol there will be developed basic set of formats defined across a variety of data types. These formats should be included in the standard catalog node “XBUP Project”, which is managed along the basic protocol and is intended primarily for testing the principles of the Protocol.

Format's Classification

Individual formats can be classified according to various criteria.

Classification Based on the Science Discipline

This classification is defined to encompass the various fields of scientific areas.

Classification by Human Body Senses

Groups of formats belongs to different category depending on which particular receptor is able to process them.

  • Eyesight (visual)
  • Hearing (sound)
  • Touch/tactile/pressure (haptic)
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Balance and acceleration
  • Temperature

Other relative categories can be for example general pain or electricity perception, brain activity level and other physical sensations and states (thirst, hunger, fear…).

Classification Based on Business Types

It is also possible to differentiate formats according to areas of human activity:

  • Business and Finance
  • Production
  • Mining and production of raw materials
  • Services
  • Transport
  • Research and development
  • Health care
  • Social Services
  • Government
  • Military

Combined Data Formats

Many representations of data items exceeds the above categorization, for example:

  • Text (meaning, graphic design, pronunciation)
  • Model (physical meaning, graphic design)
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