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Project Goals

Video presentation about project is recommended for the first time visitors.

The primary goal of this project is to create communication protocol/data format with the following characteristics:

  • Universal - Suitable for any type of data, persistent storage or streaming purposes
  • Independent - Not tightly linked to particular spoken language or infrastructure/programming language
  • Flexible - Support for data transformations, compatibility and extensibility
  • Effective - Data compactness and compression support for plain binary and structured data

More details about what is project trying to achieve.

Protocol Design

Protocol design should cover following areas:

  • Data structure - How to store/stream data
  • Data types - Declaration of data types and build-in types
  • Data transformations - Support for data transformations, like compression, encryption and so on

More details about protocol's design.

Prototype Implementation

Free and open source prototype implementation in Java is currently underway. It should provide following outputs:

  • Basic library - Library providing support for handling data encoded in the protocol itself
  • Catalog of types - Catalog service providing access to declaration of types
  • Framework - Local service providing various functions for applications
  • Editor tool - Basic tool for viewing and edition
  • Sample applications and files - Applications and files for demonstration purposes

More details about prototype implementation.

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