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About the XBUP project * [[this>?about|Introduction to the project]] * [[en:about:goals|Project goals]] * [[en:about:architecture|Architecture and principles]] * [[this>?about/videos|Video presentations]] Download * [[this>?download|Current release]] * [[this>?download/screenshots|Screenshots]] Documentation * [[en:doc|Project's documentation]] * [[en:doc:protocol:overview|Protocol's specification]] * [[en:doc:impl:java|Implementation in Java]] Get involved * [[en:devel|How to join]] * [[en:devel:status|Status of the development]] * [[en:devel:related_projects|Related projects]] Services * [[|Catalog of types]] * [[|Catalog of types (PHP)]] Tools * [[|Cont. Integration (Jenkins)]] * [[|Issue Tracking (BugGenie)]] Follow us on * [[|XBUP on GitHub]] * [[|XBUP on Twitter]] * [[|XBUP on OpenHUB]] * [[|XBUP on SourceForge]]


====== Project Goals ====== [[this>?about/videos|Video presentation]] about project is recommended for the first time visitors. The primary goal of this project is to create communication protocol/data format with the following characteristics: * **Universal** - Suitable for any type of data, persistent storage or streaming purposes * **Independent** - Not tightly linked to particular spoken language or infrastructure/programming language * **Flexible** - Support for data transformations, compatibility and extensibility * **Effective** - Data compactness and compression support for plain binary and structured data [[en:about:motivation|More details about what is project trying to achieve.]] ===== Protocol Design ===== Protocol design should cover following areas: * **Data structure** - How to store/stream data * **Data types** - Declaration of data types and build-in types * **Data transformations** - Support for data transformations, like compression, encryption and so on [[en:doc:protocol|More details about protocol's design.]] ===== Prototype Implementation ===== Free and open source prototype implementation in Java is currently underway. It should provide following outputs: * **Basic library** - Library providing support for handling data encoded in the protocol itself * **Catalog of types** - Catalog service providing access to declaration of types * **Framework** - Local service providing various functions for applications * **Editor tool** - Basic tool for viewing and edition * **Sample applications and files** - Applications and files for demonstration purposes [[en:doc:impl|More details about prototype implementation.]]

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