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XBUP: Extensible Binary Universal Protocol

This project is abandoned - author of this project is either dead or very long not updating

XBUP is binary data protocol and file format for communication, data storage and application interfaces.

Key features:

  • Unified block-tree structure - Combine different types of data together
  • Build-in and custom data types - Catalog of types and external type definitions
  • Transformations framework - For compression, encryption and compatibility handling

For more information please see introduction page.

Free and open source prototype implementation in Java is currently underway. More in development section.

Introduction video:

Other videos...

Latest news [RSS]:

XBUP Full Package 0.2.0 released (20th January 2017)
[+] Added basic command parser
[+] Replaced hexadecimal editor library
[+] Sources split into multiple repositories
[+] Modified gradle building for dependency autoloading
[+] Database switched from MySQL to MariaDB
[+] Added checking for updates
[+] Modified some icons

Work release 0.1.25 released (15th September 2015)
[+] XBEditor: Added undo manager with commands / operations
[+] XBService: Converted RPC networking to use serialization
[+] XBLib, XBParserTree: Tests reworked

Work release 0.1.24 released (31th January 2015)
[I] Build system changed to Gradle + source code migrated to GitHub
[+] XBCore: Add XBUP level 2 serialization (no transformations yet)
[+] XBEditor: Add support for line editors in property panel
[+] XBEditor: Add parameters tab in item modify dialog
[+] XBEditor: Add context and catalog block type selection for adding new block
[+] XBServiceManager: Add HTML editor for catalog item documentation editing
[+] XBServiceManager: Add icon editor for catalog item icons editing
[+] XBServiceManager: Add catalog item search by filter

Work release 23 released (1th June 2014)
[+] Added java web catalog (XBCatalogWeb)
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