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Level 1: Remote Procedure Calling

Specification for Remote Procedure Calling (RPC) specify interface for service provider and application how to communicate and perform execution of specific procedures and functions using XBUP protocol.

Protocol for remote procedure calls defines the way how to transmit parameters for remote procedure calls and how to return results. The goal is to provide a foundation for XBUP-based communication protocol built as an alternative to protocols like HTTP, XML-RPC, WSDL and more.

Remote Command Execution

XBUP framework service is typically running on network port 22594. When connected, it's expecting RPC request. When RPC request is received, it runs requested procedure and returns result when finished.

Basic block for requesting method execution is Execute block with following parameters:

Any procedureCall Any executionConditions

Remote server then responds with Execution block:

Any executionResult

Typically execution block should be sent as soon as possible as request is processed and execution result can be returned later.

Procedure Call

Procedure call is typically block specification with definition specifying requested parameters.

Execution Result

Typicall execution result is ExecutionSuccess result optionally with returned data:

Any returnedData

In other cases ExecutionFail block can be returned with additional description of failure.

Any failureInfo

Service Discovery

Interface to identify available functions provided by remote interface.


RPC - Remote Procedure Call

HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol

WSDL - Web Services Description Language

CRUD - Create, Replace, Update, Delete