[XBUP] XBUP - Extensible Binary Universal Protocol

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Concept: Development Steps

As XBUP project is sort of an experimental/research initiative without clearly defined outcome. Bottom-up iterative prototyping approach was chosen as preferable development method.

Development Cycle

Main goal is to provide prototype implementation providing desired functionality and properties. This should be possible to achieve repeating sequence of steps:

Extend/refine set of requirements → analyze and design improved solution → implement new functionality or modify existing → perform testing / validation → provide prototype release

Typically only last release and currently developed version are covered by runable environment (database, catalog and framework service).

On the end of each cycle, prototype should be evaluated regarding the project requirements and new set of requirements for next cycle should reflect existing issues.

Growing Functionality

Bottom-up approach is expanding step-by-step set of requirements from most simple requirements to more advanced features. Possible list might include:

See project concepts to read more about those properties/functionality.

Evolving Data Formats

To cover various testing purposes or internal communication needs, various data formats using protocol on current development cycle will be created. This formats should be considered as part of development process and are expected to be evolved alongside protocol itself.

With each prototype release, there should be included set of sample files for demonstration/testing purpose.