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Programming Paradigms

This document is part of project documentation eXtensible Binary Universal Protocol. It contains description of considered programming paradigms. Up one level


Programming paradigms are techniques that allow you to define countable functions. There is a lot of computational paradigms, which are precisely defined and for lots of them it's proven, that they all are able to produce full set of enumerable functions.

Programming Paradigms

For the creation of algorithms there can be used several possible programming paradigms. They differ in the basic structure and …

The Structural Paradigm

The structural paradigm define program as a sequence of instructions and jumps.

RAM Machines

Transitional State Systems

In this case, the program consists of a set of states, in which can exist and a transition functions which can change the tape on which there is written a string of symbols and move to other states.

Turing Machines

This computing paradigm allows to calculate any function using the state transition system.

Object-oriented Paradigm

Object-oriented paradigm is working with classes and instances of objects.

Functional Paradigm

Logic Paradigm


Combined Paradigms

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