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Project Introduction

Project should provide universal protocol which should allow general methods for handling various types of data including:

  • Multimedia Files - Audio, Video, Animation
  • Filesystem Structure - Allow to represent data of filesystem or as compressed archive
  • Application API - Remote or local methods execution supporting parameters and result passing
  • Serialization Protocol - Provide ability to serialize structured data
  • Long-term data storage - Provide way to define data with separate or integrated specification
  • Huge data - Use dynamic numeric values to allow support for data in terabytes range or more
  • Representation of segmented, fragmented or indexed data

The protocol is also intended to bring advantages of modern markup languages like XML into binary world. It's a ground-up designed alternative focused on binary data, yet providing similar techniques like XML Schema, XML Namespaces, XSLT and so on.

Design Principles

Project is using bottom-up approach with layers building on top of each other adding gradually new functionality.

Some of the design principles:

  • Flexibility over efficiency
  • Abstraction over compactness
  • Evolving over simplified


You can learn more about this project by reading next sections about the project.

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