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XBUP Full Package 0.2.1 released (28th September 2020)
[-] Extended area renamed to tail data
[+] Catalog update format changed to XBUP
[+] Replaced catalog UI components support
[+] Added properties view

Work release 0.2.0 released (20th January 2017)
[+] Added basic command parser
[+] Replaced hexadecimal editor library
[+] Sources split into multiple repositories
[+] Modified gradle building for dependency autoloading
[+] Database switched from MySQL to MariaDB
[+] Added checking for updates
[+] Modified some icons

Work release 0.1.25 released (15th September 2015)
[+] XBEditor: Added undo manager with commands / operations
[+] XBService: Converted RPC networking to use serialization
[+] XBLib, XBParserTree: Tests reworked

Work release 0.1.24 released (31th January 2015)
[I] Build system changed to Gradle + source code migrated to GitHub
[+] XBCore: Add XBUP level 2 serialization (no transformations yet)
[+] XBEditor: Add support for line editors in property panel
[+] XBEditor: Add parameters tab in item modify dialog
[+] XBEditor: Add context and catalog block type selection for adding new block
[+] XBServiceManager: Add HTML editor for catalog item documentation editing
[+] XBServiceManager: Add icon editor for catalog item icons editing
[+] XBServiceManager: Add catalog item search by filter

Work release 23 released (1th June 2014)
[+] Added java web catalog (XBCatalogWeb)

Work release 22 released (HajdaM, 1th September 2013)
[+] Added property panel (XBEditor)
[+] Added testing import/export to yaml
[+] Added some editing capabilities to XBManager

Work release 21 released (HajdaM, 12th May 2012)
[I] This release doesn't provide any significant improvement
[+] Code separated to editor modules
[+] Added pencil tool and zoom to XBSEditor
[+] Direct access to catalog's DB in XBManager
[F] Documentation moved to dokuwiki
[+] Added C++ library with basic tests (thanks to pkrasnop)

Work release 20 released (HajdaM, 5th May 2011)
[+] Added audio editor (XBSEditor)
[+] Testing support for parameters (XBEditor)

Work release 19 released (HajdaM, 7th August 2010)
[+] Added property panel (XBEditor)
[+] Support for drag&drop (XBEditor)
[+] Support for plugins (XBService, XBCatalog)
[+] Support for panel plugins (XBEditor)

Work release 18 released (HajdaM, 10th January 2010)
[+] Added HexEdit Panel (based on HexEdit2 by Keith Fenske, http://www.psc-consulting.ca/fenske/)
[+] Basic support for icons

Work release 17 released (HajdaM, 14th July 2009)
Added XBTEditor (Java)
[+] Altered level 1

Work release 16 released (HajdaM, 16th November 2008)
[+] Documentation somehow translated to English (except formats)
[+] Various modification in stream processing
[+] XBEditor: Copy/paste, undo/redo

Work release 15 released (HajdaM, 2nd Februar 2008)
[+] XBService and XBManager experimenal programs
[+] XBCatalog in PHP for testing only purposes

Project Overview Presentation added (HajdaM, 10th June 2007)
[+] I added short presentation about project to documentation download section.

Work release 14 released (HajdaM, 24th April 2007)
[+] Experimental PHP Catalog
[+] English documentation partially updated

Work release 13 released (HajdaM, 15th February 2007)
[+] Java support started
[+] Experimental Server-side Catalog

New webpage released (HajdaM, 4th December 2006)
[+] New webpage with new design and some new content too. Enjoy.

Project renamed (HajdaM, 11th November 2006)
[I] Project was renamed from "XBUF" to "XBUP" (Unixname on sourceforge.net).

Work release 12 released (HajdaM, 24th September 2006)
[I] Documentation release only
[+] Partially translated into English

Work release 11 released (HajdaM, 10th June 2006)
[I] Keep-up release. Few parser's updates.

Work release 10 released (HajdaM, 9th February 2006)
[I] Few updates...

Work release 9 released (HajdaM, 18th September 2005)
[I] Number format changed to recursively. Few other updates...

Work release 8 released (HajdaM, 2nd February 2005)
[I] Another release. I tried to convert documentation into docbook, but it wasn't a good idea. I haven't enought time, so there is only few updates in demo programs. So, that is it.

Work release 7 released (HajdaM, 20th May 2004)
[I] New experimental version avaible. Few upgrades, sample editors for text, sound wave and pictures avaible - only base for format to be implemented in it in future. Look into documentation for few other news, if you are interested - I don't think anybody is..

Work release 6 released (HajdaM, 1st March 2004)
[I] Only Czech, but WR6 released. Enjoy. Only few changes, so for English read WR5.

Work release 5 released (HajdaM, 20th October 2003)
[I] I release specification v. I had translate bigger part of it to English and next versions I will not translate (either I will find somebody to do it, or there will be no translation). Use this as well.
Next phase is PNG involving...

Project is in proceeding to be placed on sourceforge.net server (HajdaM, 7th October 2003)

Pages created (HajdaM, 4th October 2003)